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Magical Theory

Magic in Sarenia is like a muscle: the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Some sorcerers start out with more power than others, some have an easier time improving, and others don’t ever reach their full potential in their lifetimes. It’s simply impossible for one person to learn it all: in fact, very few sorcerers have ever managed to learn more than one type of magic.

Types of Sorcerers


Mindinvaders can read people’s minds, speak to someone inside of their head, or create other illusions inside of their head. More powerful sorcerers can read deeper thoughts and implant false memories.


Illusionists can create visual illusions made up of a kind of thin mist that everyone can see. Illusionists can also hide things: they can make themselves or other objects blend into their surroundings or render them completely invisible.


Healers can heal physical wounds. Stronger sorcerers can heal worse wounds, weaker ones can only heal scratches and bruises. Powerful healers can also reverse-heal, or injure someone with their powers.


Oracles can see events that will happen in the future. They have no control over what they see or when or where they see it. It tends to work differently for every individual who has it.


Shieldmakers can produce shields or strengthen already present ones. Magical shields can block anything, from weapons to sounds to water, depending on the Shieldmaker’s intentions. Stronger sorcerers can hold up more powerful shields for longer.


Shapeshifters can change their shape, but it must be into something they've seen before. The size, difference from their original form, and time they have in the new shape are limited by their power strength.


Speakers can speak and understand any and all languages, including those of animals and plants. They are also exceptionally persuasive and charismatic, and can, to an extent, control people’s actions through persuasion.


Lifebringers can move objects or animate them permanently. Their powers do not apply to things that have already died.


Ghostspeakers can see and speak to ghosts and control the undead, mainly vampires and ghouls. Ghostspeakers can't control ghosts, but they are the only people who can see ghosts and speak to them.


Flamestarters can produce and control fire. They are also incredibly resistant to burns and can breath in smoke with no ill effects.


Earthmovers can move or control plants, soil, and sometimes rock. They can also draw on the life forces of plants.


Windmakers can control wind and air. They can blow objects around, and with careful concentration can learn how to fly.


Watermovers can control water currents, purify salt water, and breath underwater.


Stormbringers can call storms and control where lightning strikes or funnels touch down. Storms are much easier to call than they are to banish. Stormbringers can control any water and air movements if they relate to a storm.


Vanishers can vanish from their current location and appear somewhere else at will, or “vanish” someone else and have them appear somewhere else.


Powersensers can detect the power type and the power strength of the people around them. They can also recognize individuals by their power signatures. They can use this combination to track certain people.


Cursemakers can "curse" or "bless" objects or people. Cursemakers often require assistance from another type of sorcerer depending on the nature of their curses. On their own, Cursemakers can do things like draw good or bad luck to a particular person or family.