There are six Sarenian seasons: the changing of the seasons is marked by a festival for one of the Imperial Six, which last through the night. There are 17 total festival days, one for each of the Gods.

Season of Wind (Vern)

Festival of Lefyrin

62nd day of Winter to the 1st day of Vern

Festival of Dhaelgin

22nd day of Vern

Festival of Orsoastath

43rd day of Vern

Festival of Gweligen

68th day of Vern to the 1st day of Spring

The first dawn of this season is celebrated during the festival of Lefyrin, the god of life. It is said that throughout this season, Dhaelgin arrives with his team of Pegasi to chase the winter snow away and turn it into spring. Dhaelgin and Lefyrin work together to chase out the cold and spread new seeds and growth. Orsoastath tinkers in her workshop, getting her work done while she’s huddled away from the cold and wind.