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A shadow-like creature that only comes out at night. Some say it takes the shape of a large, black dog. No one knows for sure how dangerous it is, but people frequently disappear into the forest, never to be found again. Many of these disappearances are blamed on the Gauekos. Found in Caimig, Cekroft, and Nicrom forests, as well as the Forgotten Wood.


Tiny, human-like creatures with wings: a nuisance. Found in Caimig Forest.


A water-dwelling creature with the head, chest, and forelegs of a horse and the tail of a dolphin. Found in the Altibrl Sea and the Ganerly Ocean.


A sabre-toothed cat-like creature with stripes and horns. Extremely loyal to their owners, used as guards. Kept by people living near the forests to deter Gauekos. They are a domesticated species: there are no wild Naracos. Found throughout Sarenia and Denadia.


Creature with the head and breast of an eagle and the chest, stomach, tail, and legs of a lion. Larger subspecies found in the Dragonlands, smaller and fluffier subspecies found in the Nedlim Mountains.


Large, intelligent reptilian creature that can fly and breath fire. Found in the Dragonlands or with the Gaentuki in the Fodomo Mountains. A second variety is native to Gorthrofen, but many members of this species travel extremely long distances and can be found all over the world.


Horses with wings and other flight adaptations. Found in Gorthrofen and at the personal stables of the Sarenian King.


Woman with the talons and wings of a bird of prey. There are no male Sirens: human males are needed to produce children. Found on the Cliffs of Bone and along the coast of Thethria.


An intelligent creature with the head of a human, the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and a tail covered in scales. Only female sphinxes have wings. Many of them can speak Sarenian or other languages. Often found on the Terrible Plains, sometimes venture further south.


Kind of similar to the sphynx, but much more bloodthirsty. Has the body, head, and legs of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and three rows of sharp teeth in its mouth. Found in the Caimig Forest and throughout Denadia.

Sight Sparrow

Small wooden sparrows animated by Lifebringers with or without the assistance of a Cursemaker and used to send messages between two people. The Lifebringer animates the bird. The Cursemaker forces the bird to complete its task and severs its connection to the Lifebringer. If no Cursemaker assists, he bird remains alive and connected to the Lifebringer afterwards, but it will only respond to the will of the Lifebringer. Either way, the bird remains connected to a sorcerer. Because they are made of wood, they don’t need to eat, drink, or sleep.