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Main Characters

Tyler Martin

(aka Jamoel Jisund)

A seventeen-year-old boy who grew up in foster care, is fiercely independent and a little obsessed with Shakespeare’s plays (particularly Hamlet). The only true friend he’s ever had, Mr. Lee, left when Tyler was ten years old. Tyler is a Flamestarter.

Alex Scott

(aka Zaryc Wredsa)

A seventeen-year-old boy who can see ghosts and feels responsible for the abduction and subsequent death of his younger sister, Cassandra, and for events leading to his parents splitting up and his mother moving away. Alex is a Ghostspeaker.

Darn (Max) Harrison

(aka Darion Ariet)

A seventeen-year-old boy who comes from a rich family and might be a little spoiled. He hasn’t ever had to rely on himself in his entire life, and he’s used to living in comfort. Really, he’s not interested in all this adventure stuff, he just wants to go home. Darn is a Lifebringer.

Sarah Miller

(aka Ennia Auna)

A seventeen-year-old girl who’s always been a little timid and unsure of herself. She’s never really felt like she belonged anywhere, not even with her own family. When Sarah fell into Sarenia a year ago, she was taken in by the Gaentuki, and now she lives with a family of dragons in Husifi. Sarah is a Speaker.

Kaylor Williams

(aka Tersa Runret)

A seventeen-year-old girl who’s always been brash and bold and a little bit reckless. When Kaylor fell into Sarenia a year ago, she was found by an innkeeper and sent by him to Valliseg, where she accidentally enrolled in a tournament. There, despite coming in 36th place, she caught Prince Casteor’s attention and was taken in as his protégé. Kaylor is a Shieldmaker.

Anna Thomas

(aka Conrina Banir)

A seventeen-year-old girl who is convinced her mother is a sorcerer from Sarenia who faked her own death and left Anna with her step family when she was seven. When Anna fell into Sarenia a year ago, she was found by a crown ship and later led a mutiny by allying herself with a flock of sirens. She’s now captian of the Annihilator. Anna is a Stormbringer.